The Beauty of Lines

Lines can be drawn, formed or visualised.

My association with the word seems to always form negative connotations of the word…

  • Writing lines
  • Queues are essentially a type of lines
  • A line that should never be crossed
  • Conformity
  • Boredom

However when you think outside the box, some lines can be quite beautiful.

Climbing a Namibian desert sand-dune just before dusk is a line of people.

We as humans seem to form naturally form lines



Or even the when we made it up the dune, a line formed that separated the light from the shadow on the dune.

Nature itself also forms lines


In response to the daily post photo challenge of Lines.



6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Lines

    1. Hi Janet. Yes it was such a colourful trip but that’s the resounding landscape of Africa – eclectic and colourful. We were in tbe desert one day then a city the next then the forest the next – I absolutely yearn for Africa

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