Wanderlust Wish list 2018

In recent weeks my Wanderlust has returned in full force.  It’s always there, bubbling under the surface, like a dormant volcano ready to erupt at any given opportunity. In line with the recent arrival of spring here in the UK, my aching for warm sunny beaches and uncharted adventures has started t once again bubble

Due to this, I felt it was time to indulge my Wanderlust and share our new A Wandering Memories Wanderlust Wish list 2018. Including a host of Places in the World we’d love to visit.

Patagonia – The Argentinian/Chilean wilderness is a serene example of natural beauty. The area is sparsely populated and as such retains the majority of its authenticity, giving all visitors the opportunity to experience wilderness in its truest form. Patagonia encompasses a variety of landscapes, including mountains, grasslands, deserts and even glaciers – it is an explorer’s dream. Although not precisely family friendly – it still lives in my dreams.


New to the wish list this year is the island of Sri-Lanka situated just south of the Indian peninsula. The islands turbulent past previously impacted the tourist industry, but in more recent years it seems to be recovering.  The eclectic mix of diverse cultures,  ancient Buddhist ruins, coupled with lush wildlife rich jungle, pristine white sand beaches and sun-drenched weather make Sri Lanka a huge draw in my mind. The recent UK TV series the Good Karma Hospital has also not helped my lust for such a diverse and stunning setting!


African safari still renders high on the wanderlust wish list with Kenya and Tanzania offering the perfect blend of wildlife adventure and serene beach paradise. A trip to witness the iconic wildebeest migration, coupled with a trip to Zanzibar or Mafia Island will be a reality in a few years. But with a very young family, we are far more likely to revisit the wondrous South Africa before that. Africa holds a special place in our hearts, with many countries offering a perfect blend of culture, adventure and inspiration – words simply do not do it justice.

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The South Pacific holds a huge draw to us, as our last two escapes to French Polynesia and Fiji were so sublime. The somewhat lesser traveled island chain of Vanuatu (well for many Europeans anyhow) currently holds the biggest draw. Images of the out of this world beaches, volcanoes, tropical rain forest and traditional island life, encapsulate everything I desire in a south pacific adventure. Really what I need to do is take 6 months and explore all of the surrounding islands – Maybe one day when we win the lottery?

5-slide-vanuatu-turtle-beach-panoImage courtesy of Wilderness Travel

Having entered a number of long haul somewhat ‘dream’ destinations into the A Wandering Memory Wanderlust Wish list for 2018, we wanted to think of somewhere closer to home. Our recent visit to Croatia seemed appropriate as it surpassed all expectations; however there is another place which has crept up the list in recent years. Known as the Europe/Africa gateway the northern African country of Morocco provides a melting pot of history, culture and glorious landscapes. A three-pronged visit consisting of a Sahara desert experience, Marrakesh cultural exploration and lazy weekend at the southern beaches just sounds idyllic right now.


As true travel fanatics our wish list is a far bit longer than the five listed above, however we hope that it has inspired you to look at your own wish list and maybe even make plans to visit some.

Other notable wish list locations include: Greenland, Turks and Caicos, Peru, Bahamas, Oman, Nepal, Philippines, Maldives, Reunion, Svalbard and Cape Verde.

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