Feeling Inspired

We have finally seen a glimpse of summer here in the UK, and as always the rise in temperature and the ability to spend more time outside, has sparked my inspiration.


I absolutely love feeling inspired.

For as long as I can remember, the planning, anticipation and adventure of our travels has been fuelled by inspiration and a touch of wanderlust.

There is nothing like waking up in a foreign country knowing that the day ahead could be extraordinary, not knowing what adventure the day would bring.


Being the father to a 18 month year old, the desire to dive head first into the wilderness or what could be considered as ‘off the beaten track’ adventures has slightly subsided. I have become a bit of a realist, and realistically I am not getting to Everest base camp or the Ugandan rainforest anytime soon.

However that is not a bad thing.

It’s an incredible adventure being a father and a real privilege to watch him grow and develop. I am inspired daily, mainly from the joy he takes from life’s simplest pleasures – such as a puddle, a light, a stone etc.  Such inspiration can be extremely infectious and as such I set myself a new goal.

My goal, was the age-old goal of getting myself fit and healthy, so that I can keep up with my ever progressing son. So I picked up my squash racket again and reignited my love hate relationship with running.

I threw myself into it on the 5th of March 2018 and after a few weeks reset my goal to have an obtainable finish of a half marathon.  Well yesterday I hit that goal! Now that’s the power or inspiration and goalsetting for you!


The next question is what next?

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