What am I truly capable of?

Whilst exploring the world, I learnt so much about myself.

I was challenged regularly, challenged to explore the unknown, to go that step further, to step outside of my comfort zone and to see what I am truly capable of.

I don’t think many people know what they are truly capable of until they take a leap of faith, or accept a new challenge.

The past two years have offered many challenges, becoming a father is probably the most significant. However in March this year, when I decided to go out for a run – I had no idea where it would take me.

That run, soon turned into a 5K run, then a 5 mile run, then a 10K run, personal bests seemed to fall like dominos. I am no athlete and had never really run much before, but all the challenges I set for myself were met, new routes were planned, and before long I was running for 10 miles.

Whilst in Paris for the day, we accidentally came across the Asics Paris 10K race, and it inspired me to sign up for my first race – The British 10K. I completed the run in the 26 degree heat and thought – ‘I can do more than that..’

So when the opportunity to run a London Half Marathon for the Royal Society for Blind Children came up, I jumped on it. My son can now look up at me and say ‘my dad did that’  what could be more inspiring?


It was a real challenge and I loved it, however the question still remained in my mind…

What am I truly capable of?

Let’s go for the marathon shall we? and let’s go for the real challenge – the London Marathon 2019

I am again running for the Royal Society for Blind Children, an incredible charity who provide support to blind and partially sighted children and their families. I simply cannot fathom the struggle they endure on a daily basis – it’s heartbreaking.

If you would like to support me through this challenge, please visit the link below – every little makes a huge difference.


So, in one year from starting, I will reach my ultimate goal and answer that question ‘I am capable of anything!’


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