Unchartered Territory – Borneo

It came as a shock that we had not yet blogged about our experience in one of nature’s few wildlife sanctuaries – Borneo.

I remember hearing about an expedition to Borneo whilst I was at school, but I had no concept of where it was and little interest at that time. Borneo for those of you who don’t know is an Asian Island split in three by Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It is actually the third largest island in the world, so don’t be fooled by the term Island. … More Unchartered Territory – Borneo

Vietnam Hints & Tips

We have been contacted by a number of community members and followers of A Wandering Memory asking for some hints and tips about Vietnam. Your wish is our command!

I was enthralled by Vietnam ever since I studied history at school. The tales of how a small third world nation rose up against the most powerful country in the world, were just too enticing. I soon found out that there was a lot more to the story than what i knew.

All that study just made me more determined to know what this nation was truly like? So I visited and here are our recommendations … More Vietnam Hints & Tips

The Money Shot

When I first travelled the world for a year I decided to start a blog just to keep my family informed of my progress and the adventures I had been having.

Travelling the world for the first time, especially to places of such wonder and mystery such as China, Vietnam and Fiji, everything is new, everything is wondrous and there is an adventure around every corner. … More The Money Shot