Essential UK – Part One

We step away from the Essential Australia series for a moment and move back to our home in the UK. This is mainly inspired by a fellow blogger Samantha who is currently living in London, having moved from Canada. That in conjunction with the current world climate, including Brexit and the delight that is President Trump, I want you all to know that the UK is still a magnificent country full of wonder and bliss – an adventure like no other which is simply waiting for you.

Here are some of the essential elements to the beautiful, eclectic British Isles. … More Essential UK – Part One

The Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik

As an experience junkie we always take every opportunity we can to explore new places. Recently on a trip to Croatia we stayed on the island of Brac, but soon had exhausted the island and the nearby town of Split. So we hired a car and drove to Mostar in Bosnia., it was only a couple of hours away and the drive itself was extremely pretty.

Whilst there we saw that we just a couple of hours away from the renowned city of Dubrovnik – so we took advantage and visited. … More The Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik

A French Epiphany

We recently woke up in Arras an hour south of Calais and had a realisation. I really like France!

This was quite an epiphany for me, as I have always discounted France as a favourite as it is just well France. I think it has a lot to do with my childhood and the reoccurring family holidays to Normandy and Brittany. It wasn’t that they weren’t beautiful and fun, but I just didn’t want t be there – I wanted to be in America. I had also visited Paris on numerous occasions with school and work, and had enjoyed them but not as much as recently. … More A French Epiphany

Bol – Croatia

As previously blogged we completely fell in love with Croatia and the island of Brac. Setting up a base in Supetar, we hired a car to enable us to visit the entire island. Access to this small town is via a road that descends from the high centre to the coastline, it’s a beautiful drive well worth the effort. … More Bol – Croatia

A True Suprise – Mostar

Living in the UK gives us very easy direct access to a number of historic and wondrous countries. The usual European tourist hotpots such as France, Spain, Italy and Greece, see an influx of British every year. Interestingly though out of the potential of fifty countries, there is a handful that we simply didn’t ever expect to visit.

One such example is the country of Bosnia Herzegovina, a member of the former country of Yugoslavia. Plagued with civil unrest and war throughout our childhood, the mere name of its capital Sarajevo brings up horrific memories of a war fort not long concluded. … More A True Suprise – Mostar