The Importance of Home

Home – Home is somewhere special.

It’s a place you don’t really consider as your favourite, because you live there.

It’s a place you don’t always appreciate, because you spend all your time there.

It’s a place you wouldn’t consider to blog about, because it’s not travel, it’s not interesting; it’s not an adventure… … More The Importance of Home

The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

After a full day turn of St Petersburg was complete, we had a 30 minute turnaround until we were off to the ballet.

I am usually not a huge fan of the ballet or the opera, but I can appreciate the art of both of them. So deciding to go with the ballet while in Russia was a cultural experience we couldn’t miss out on. We also found out that the performance was of Swan Lake, a Ballet by famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky – this couldn’t be more appropriate. … More The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

Undecided – St Petersburg, Russia

I’ve been struggling to write our Wandering Memories of St Petersburg for a long while.

I think it’s because we were so excited to visit, and there were elements that we really enjoyed, but also some reservations. Actually thinking about it, I think it was because although we saw a lot of it, the experience was slightly lacking as we didn’t get to really feel the true sense of the city. … More Undecided – St Petersburg, Russia

One day and one day only in Berlin

Having previously worked in Germany, it would surprise many to learn that I haven’t actually seen much of it. Even more surprising is that my wife had never been at all, yes I know it’s a sad state of affairs especially because it’s so ridiculously close.

Therefore when the recent opportunity arose for a flying visit to Berlin we grasped it with both hands. You could argue that we would do the same with any city, and yes you would probably be right. However there was something more at play here, I’d actually studied modern European history at school and was fascinated to see the pivotal location for myself. … More One day and one day only in Berlin

A Real Surprise – Tallinn, Estonia

One of our biggest recent Wandering Memory surprises was a trip to the Estonian capital of Tallinn. Tallinn had never really appealed to me, the only time it entered my radar, surprisingly was when I started planning my Stag/Bachelor do. Tallinn along with Riga, Berlin and Prague have become hotspots for cheapish British stag/bachelor parties. We actually disguarded Riga and Tallinn quite quickly due to security reasons – but honestly having recently visited I have no idea why … More A Real Surprise – Tallinn, Estonia

Fire, Ice & Northern lights – A weekend in Iceland

It dawned on us late last year that we keep travelling to distant exotic locations whereby for a long while we hadn’t really taken advantage of our own backyard. So we made a commitment that we would stay ‘local’… That is apart from the trip to Western Australia – HA! Anyhow putting that blip aside … More Fire, Ice & Northern lights – A weekend in Iceland

Out of the Box England – An Americans Request – Finale

It’s funny what we discovered our American friend had never experienced: Wispa and Aero Chocolate Bars A country pub A Kinder Egg – Actually Illegal in USA Pimms Yorkshire Puddings Fried Bread Take away wine (in plastic glass) A Chinese and Fish & Chip Restaurant in the same location Donor Kebab’s Fried Bread Red Leicester … More Out of the Box England – An Americans Request – Finale