That Question…

I was recently asked yet again, ‘what’s your favourite place?’

Yet again I sighed and said gave my standard response ‘That’s such a difficult question to answer’

However I was then met by a response I don’t think I have ever had

‘Well what was the most fun when you were single’

Again really tricky to answer but immediately my exploration of the Fijian Yasawa and Mamanuca islands came springing to mind. … More That Question…

Adoption of a mantra – Fiji Time

I’m quite a punctual person, and growing up pre the mobile phone era if I said I was going to be somewhere at a particular time, I made sure I was. Even now I have the latest iPhone I still like to keep to time or at least close to that time.

Whilst traveling you will experience things run late, be it flights, tours, people… you have to adopt a very tolerant attitude towards most things. However never have we ever encountered such a laid back attitude to time as on the Fijian island of Nanuya Lailai. It was here that we really learnt that island life never really runs to time. … More Adoption of a mantra – Fiji Time