New Jersey Options

As per our last post for my Aunt and Uncle’s trip to New Jersey, we now wanted to concentrate on the other nearby attractions that could come into contention during their stay.

Philadelphia – Situated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey’s neighbour may not have the flair of New York City but it certainly has the history. Its history draws back to pre-European settlement by Native Americans and more famously the city’s role in the role in the American Revolution. It was this city that played host to the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin … More New Jersey Options

New York Alternative Advice

We have been asked to put together a few recommendations for a trip to New Jersey by a couple of our readers. Once I found out where they were staying, my main focus was of course of the glitz and glamour of New York City, however we also referred to Atlantic City, the Jersey shore and Philadelphia, as all are in easy reach. Initial discussions revealed that these readers loved some of the ideas and recommendations however wanted to keep away from the crowds and usual general busy tourist traps of New York City.

What a topic, as any of you who have visited the city that never sleeps know. the majority is very commercialised and extremely busy. However we are always up for a challenge so here goes: … More New York Alternative Advice

Secret New York – Roosevelt Island

Next in our blogging series of secret New York, comes the wonderfully quiet Roosevelt Island. In seven previous visits to Manhattan we had not once even contemplated visiting the narrow strip of land in the middle of the East river.

I doubt many tourists give the island a second thought, when consumed with the decadence that New York promises. The bright lights and reputation are just too much for the average tourist. … More Secret New York – Roosevelt Island

Forbidden Pools – Las Vegas

I have recently been blogging a lot about locations and advice. However if you have been following A Wandering Memory for a while, you will know we have a lot of stories also.

Some of our most incredible memories are captured because of the experience not necessarily the location. The experience we will share today revolves around the forbidden pools of Las Vegas. … More Forbidden Pools – Las Vegas

The City of Angels – Los Angeles

While suffering with a recent back injury I was confined to our house, so much so, that the lounge and sofa became my closest friends. As I was pretty much immobile I was stuck watching TV most days and believe me there is nothing good about daytime TV. So I switched to TV boxsets, and found one called Entourage. A good friend of mine always spoke so highly of the series, so I started watching it.
More The City of Angels – Los Angeles

Christmas in New York

We have just returned from my ninth trip to New York City, and as previously discussed in some length the city still offers a host of new experiences. Although we had previously visited New York for New Year, we hadn’t really soaked in the Christmas spirit that is synonymous with the city over the festive period. … More Christmas in New York

Snow Sports Season – Banff

I cant believe its nearly snow sports season again, I refer to it as snow sports as I am a proficient skier and an amateur snowboarder myself – and I don’t get involved in the conflict between the two. They are both brilliant fun!
In honor to the snow season to come I thought it was a good time to look at one of A Wandering Memories best snow sports experiences in the Canadian resort of Sunshine in the beautiful town of Banff. … More Snow Sports Season – Banff

Wildlife and Wilderness – Paradise in Tofino

I’ve been thinking recently about my favourite places and it’s so difficult to pinpoint them. While some places always spring to mind first, others seem to flitter in and out of scope.

One place that always springs directly to mind is the idyllic town of Tofino. Some of you will know exactly where I mean, but for others it’s a very small town off the Clayoquot sound on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. … More Wildlife and Wilderness – Paradise in Tofino

An Unforgettable Experience – New York for New Year

Yes its true – A Wandering Memory is returning to the Big Apple before Christmas… It got me thinking about our last December experience in the city that never sleeps… News Years Eve 2010. There are few more iconic cities to spend New Years Eve in than New York. When researching it for 2010, I … More An Unforgettable Experience – New York for New Year