The daily post photo challenge this week is Favorite Place

It’s the ultimate dilemma for any world traveller as how do we pick just one place..

Is it the most beautiful? … More Dilemma

Exceeding Expectations

One of the best feelings is when your destination exceeds all expectations. High expectations usually lead to disappointment, while low expectations turn out as is…. It is a rare commodity these days for somewhere to blow me away. Maybe its high expectations or the fact we have been so spoilt with such incredible cultures, countries, sites and experiences. … More Exceeding Expectations

It is named Wanderlust

Initially we were perplexed for the daily-posts photo challenge this week – Names!

At first we thought of the important people in our life and their names, then the people we met travelling, but then it hit us.. It doesn’t need to be about a persons name.

How about the name of something we hold dear to us… a possession or hold on… a feeling … More It is named Wanderlust

A French Epiphany

We recently woke up in Arras an hour south of Calais and had a realisation. I really like France!

This was quite an epiphany for me, as I have always discounted France as a favourite as it is just well France. I think it has a lot to do with my childhood and the reoccurring family holidays to Normandy and Brittany. It wasn’t that they weren’t beautiful and fun, but I just didn’t want t be there – I wanted to be in America. I had also visited Paris on numerous occasions with school and work, and had enjoyed them but not as much as recently. … More A French Epiphany