New Wanderlust Experience

One of our wishlist experiences is to see lava in its purest form.

This is a wishlist experience we have traveled long and far to witness.

We have traveled to some of the most volcanic areas of the earth including Hawaii, Iceland and Central America and have never seen any. Hawaii’s big island had been witnessing a continuous eruption for months, we arrived exactly when it finished. Central America is littered with wild volcanos… but not a glimmer… Typical! … More New Wanderlust Experience

Architects of Beauty

There is nothing like experiencing the natural world first hand. Marveling at landscapes, the beauty and the splendor is one thing but getting a close up with it is something else.

One aspect that has always captured our imagination is the ancient ice fields otherwise known as glaciers. The sheer size and age of many of these giants is beyond comprehension. They shape the valleys, gorges and passes – essentially they are the architects of beauty. … More Architects of Beauty

The Remote Aquatic Wonder of Monkey Mia

I had heard a lot about Monkey Mia before heading back to Western Australia. It is always noted as one of the unmissable spots when heading up the coast. I wasn’t completely sure why…

Monkey Mia essentially is a very small area on the outskirts of the Francois Peron National park, about 550 miles north of Perth in an area called Shark Bay. … More The Remote Aquatic Wonder of Monkey Mia

Coping with Change

I’ve been thinking a lot about change these last few weeks.

Change can be a daunting subject, with the ability to provoke emotions of apprehension and fear. However change can also be positive, providing excitement, happiness and relief.

So how does one cope with change? … More Coping with Change

City of Islands – Stockholm

We recently had the pleasure of visiting a European city I didn’t know much about. That city is the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Having previously visited Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Helsinki, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them – we had high hopes for Stockholm. I am pleased to say it didn’t disappoint. We only had a couple of hours here, but it was such a beautiful city. I fell in love with it instantly. … More City of Islands – Stockholm

The City of Angels – Los Angeles

While suffering with a recent back injury I was confined to our house, so much so, that the lounge and sofa became my closest friends. As I was pretty much immobile I was stuck watching TV most days and believe me there is nothing good about daytime TV. So I switched to TV boxsets, and found one called Entourage. A good friend of mine always spoke so highly of the series, so I started watching it.
More The City of Angels – Los Angeles