New Jersey Options

As per our last post for my Aunt and Uncle’s trip to New Jersey, we now wanted to concentrate on the other nearby attractions that could come into contention during their stay.

Philadelphia – Situated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey’s neighbour may not have the flair of New York City but it certainly has the history. Its history draws back to pre-European settlement by Native Americans and more famously the city’s role in the role in the American Revolution. It was this city that played host to the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin … More New Jersey Options

The City of Angels – Los Angeles

While suffering with a recent back injury I was confined to our house, so much so, that the lounge and sofa became my closest friends. As I was pretty much immobile I was stuck watching TV most days and believe me there is nothing good about daytime TV. So I switched to TV boxsets, and found one called Entourage. A good friend of mine always spoke so highly of the series, so I started watching it.
More The City of Angels – Los Angeles

Taking another bite out of the BIG apple

I am a traveler at heart and as such I have a desire to explore as many new locations as I can. There are however exceptions, special places that I like to re-visit such as the Lake District, Vancouver, Boulder, Boston, Sydney and one other location… That location is none other than the world’s most iconic city, and in a couple of weeks we will make the seven hour trip to New York City. … More Taking another bite out of the BIG apple