Trapped in the Enigma that is Airlie Beach – Australia

There are few places in this world that I have spent too much time in. I’ll freely admit that I love to explore, roam, wander and experience everything a location has to offer. However when travelling and you wake up in the same location and just think ‘why am I still here?’, you know you have overstayed your welcome.

One such place is the enigma of Airlie Beach on Australia’s East Coast. I refer to it as an enigma because to me it’s a place that is very difficult to comprehend and understand. … More Trapped in the Enigma that is Airlie Beach – Australia


Whilst traveling, it is inevitable that you will meet new people (even if you don’t particularly want to). Some, you will have an instant connection with, and some you won’t. Some you will keep in touch with for years to come and some will become a fading memory. … More Connections