That Question…

I was recently asked yet again, ‘what’s your favourite place?’

Yet again I sighed and said gave my standard response ‘That’s such a difficult question to answer’

However I was then met by a response I don’t think I have ever had

‘Well what was the most fun when you were single’

Again really tricky to answer but immediately my exploration of the Fijian Yasawa and Mamanuca islands came springing to mind. … More That Question…

The Wandering Memory Team

I wanted to take some time to readdress a blog I write over a year ago regarding my essential travel companion – my wife Megan.

Since meeting over nine years ago, we have developed a bond that led to travelling together, living together, falling in love with one another, buying a house together and most recently starting a family together. We are a team in the truest sense of the word. … More The Wandering Memory Team

The Truth behind Backpacking 

A Wandering Memory is specifically focused and purposely designed to help and inspire those who wish to travel. Travel to us is part of our very being, we love to explore, learn and create memories throughout the globe. As a traveler we have an ethic of sharing, if it’s sharing a night out, a meal, car journey or sharing our experience, our insight and our inspiration. … More The Truth behind Backpacking 

Luggage Liberation

One thing I learnt whilst traveling is that you really don’t need much to survive.

On my first trip around the world I took a 50l rucksack and backpack that was jammed full of items I thought I would really need. It didn’t help that I was planning on going for a whole year so packed for every option… … More Luggage Liberation

Squatting in Natures backyard – Antigua

When asked about our favourite places we often sigh, as every traveller knows it’s nearly impossible to choose one place over another. Especially when each place has such a repertoire of wandering memories and experiences.

However much we hate to be asked it, there is no stopping it being asked… One place that always appears in our top 10 is the surprise package of Guatemala. Yes Guatemala! sounds like a strange one doesn’t it? I mean it’s not a location may people think of when you look at the strong competition. … More Squatting in Natures backyard – Antigua