What’s next for A Wandering Memory?

Anyone who has followed A Wandering Memory for a while will know that last year we discovered the wonder that is Croatia. It really did inspire us so much we are planning returning as soon as we are able. Luckily Croatia is only a couple of hours flight away from us, very driveable (although a long drive) and maybe the second european outing for our son. … More What’s next for A Wandering Memory?

The Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik

As an experience junkie we always take every opportunity we can to explore new places. Recently on a trip to Croatia we stayed on the island of Brac, but soon had exhausted the island and the nearby town of Split. So we hired a car and drove to Mostar in Bosnia., it was only a couple of hours away and the drive itself was extremely pretty.

Whilst there we saw that we just a couple of hours away from the renowned city of Dubrovnik – so we took advantage and visited. … More The Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik

Bol – Croatia

As previously blogged we completely fell in love with Croatia and the island of Brac. Setting up a base in Supetar, we hired a car to enable us to visit the entire island. Access to this small town is via a road that descends from the high centre to the coastline, it’s a beautiful drive well worth the effort. … More Bol – Croatia

Tranquil but Inspiring – Supetar, Croatia

We are self confessed experience junkies and as such we love exploring when on holiday. The only downside to that is that we get so excited about exploring we sometimes forget to stop for a few days and relax. As such we decided that our next trip we would find some time to do exactly that – sit back and relax.

Therefore we booked seven nights on the sleepy island of Brac in Croatia, hoping to get the balance we needed. … More Tranquil but Inspiring – Supetar, Croatia