European Adventure

In a few months, the oldest of our cousins children aka the ‘next generation’, is taking to the open road and going travelling! I am so proud!

She is heading to Europe for a number of months over the summer so I thought I would put together a few options and insights.

She is already set on the Inter-rail option; which upon further investigation is by far a better option than flying. Although flying can seem cheap with the so called ‘budget airlines’ it is inflexible and booking last minute can be expensive. … More European Adventure

The Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik

As an experience junkie we always take every opportunity we can to explore new places. Recently on a trip to Croatia we stayed on the island of Brac, but soon had exhausted the island and the nearby town of Split. So we hired a car and drove to Mostar in Bosnia., it was only a couple of hours away and the drive itself was extremely pretty.

Whilst there we saw that we just a couple of hours away from the renowned city of Dubrovnik – so we took advantage and visited. … More The Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik

A Surprise 60th

We recently detailed the fifty nine country strong list that A Wandering Memory has had personal experiences of. Calculating the amount of countries visited is always difficult when you reach a higher number as sometimes you just can’t recall them all.

We never expected that our 60th would take us to the 28th smallest country in the world – Luxembourg. On a previous road trip we did contemplate a visit from Amsterdam but it was just a touch too far. … More A Surprise 60th

The Gamble – Valletta – Malta

As I recently reached the ripe old age of thirty five, my wonderful wife decided it was time for our first break of the new year. Since we already have a week in Santorini booked, we really wanted something cheap and close for a long weekend.

I scoured the internet for weeks, trying to find something. Eventually we decided on Krakow in Poland, and upon following the booking through we found the flights were via Amsterdam and a 24 hour layover. Rubbish! So that was out of the question… … More The Gamble – Valletta – Malta

City of Islands – Stockholm

We recently had the pleasure of visiting a European city I didn’t know much about. That city is the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Having previously visited Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Helsinki, and thoroughly enjoyed all of them – we had high hopes for Stockholm. I am pleased to say it didn’t disappoint. We only had a couple of hours here, but it was such a beautiful city. I fell in love with it instantly. … More City of Islands – Stockholm

A Wanderers Paradise – Venice

As presents go, I had to go big for Megans 30th birthday, so I got her a long weekend away in Venice. She has always wanted to go, however I have been less enthusiastic as its never really appealed to me. I put it down to growing up with a very patriotic Italian! Anyhow I always like to explore new places, and gain new experiences so a part of me was excited.
As always, Megan was right, Venice is AMAZING! … More A Wanderers Paradise – Venice

The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

After a full day turn of St Petersburg was complete, we had a 30 minute turnaround until we were off to the ballet.

I am usually not a huge fan of the ballet or the opera, but I can appreciate the art of both of them. So deciding to go with the ballet while in Russia was a cultural experience we couldn’t miss out on. We also found out that the performance was of Swan Lake, a Ballet by famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky – this couldn’t be more appropriate. … More The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg