New Jersey Options

As per our last post for my Aunt and Uncle’s trip to New Jersey, we now wanted to concentrate on the other nearby attractions that could come into contention during their stay.

Philadelphia – Situated in Pennsylvania, New Jersey’s neighbour may not have the flair of New York City but it certainly has the history. Its history draws back to pre-European settlement by Native Americans and more famously the city’s role in the role in the American Revolution. It was this city that played host to the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin … More New Jersey Options

One day and one day only in Berlin

Having previously worked in Germany, it would surprise many to learn that I haven’t actually seen much of it. Even more surprising is that my wife had never been at all, yes I know it’s a sad state of affairs especially because it’s so ridiculously close.

Therefore when the recent opportunity arose for a flying visit to Berlin we grasped it with both hands. You could argue that we would do the same with any city, and yes you would probably be right. However there was something more at play here, I’d actually studied modern European history at school and was fascinated to see the pivotal location for myself. … More One day and one day only in Berlin

A Glimpse into the Past – Terracotta Warriors – Xi’an, China

Since my parents retired they are fast becoming the most well-travelled people I know! and coming from me that really is something. They call it ‘S.K.I holidays’, i.e. Spending Kids Inheritance! Isn’t it great to have witty parents?

Anyhow there next trip is back to the incredible country of China, to explore more of the interior (what I classify as real china!). They have been to Shanghai and Hong Kong before but never to the most iconic of attractions – The Wall, The Warriors, The Pandas and of course the Yangtze River. … More A Glimpse into the Past – Terracotta Warriors – Xi’an, China

Out of the Box England – An Americans Request – Finale

It’s funny what we discovered our American friend had never experienced: Wispa and Aero Chocolate Bars A country pub A Kinder Egg – Actually Illegal in USA Pimms Yorkshire Puddings Fried Bread Take away wine (in plastic glass) A Chinese and Fish & Chip Restaurant in the same location Donor Kebab’s Fried Bread Red Leicester … More Out of the Box England – An Americans Request – Finale