Thank you for the music

This morning I woke to hear of the tragic news that Chester Bennington, lead singer of the band Linkin Park had died, 

The news saddened me and sparked off a host of Wandering Memories.

I discovered Linkin Park whilst I was at university in the United States. Their debut album, Hybrid Theory resonated with my experience, it typified my internal struggle, trying to define who I was, and more importantly who I wanted to be, even at the age of 20.  … More Thank you for the music

The Money Shot

When I first travelled the world for a year I decided to start a blog just to keep my family informed of my progress and the adventures I had been having.

Travelling the world for the first time, especially to places of such wonder and mystery such as China, Vietnam and Fiji, everything is new, everything is wondrous and there is an adventure around every corner. … More The Money Shot

The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

After a full day turn of St Petersburg was complete, we had a 30 minute turnaround until we were off to the ballet.

I am usually not a huge fan of the ballet or the opera, but I can appreciate the art of both of them. So deciding to go with the ballet while in Russia was a cultural experience we couldn’t miss out on. We also found out that the performance was of Swan Lake, a Ballet by famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky – this couldn’t be more appropriate. … More The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg


Whilst traveling, it is inevitable that you will meet new people (even if you don’t particularly want to). Some, you will have an instant connection with, and some you won’t. Some you will keep in touch with for years to come and some will become a fading memory. … More Connections

A Wandering Memory’s Nautical Journey – Alaska

Whilst living in Vancouver, Megan and I wanted to take every experience available to us. Therefore what is an unmissable experience from Vancouver? That would be an Alaskan cruise – Yes you heard right – Cruise! Every time I say ‘cruise’, everyone seems to think about the older generation, but why? Why do they get … More A Wandering Memory’s Nautical Journey – Alaska