A Christmas Treat – Dyker Heights

Christmas is coming and there is no where like New York City to find a real Wandering Memory festive experiences.
At the top of this Christmas extravaganza is the quiet suburb of Dyker Heights in far Brooklyn, a good hour away from the glitz and glamour of the city. Every year this quiet suburb comes to life with some of the most incredible, slightly outlandish Christmas light displays we have ever witnessed. … More A Christmas Treat – Dyker Heights

Secret New York – Roosevelt Island

Next in our blogging series of secret New York, comes the wonderfully quiet Roosevelt Island. In seven previous visits to Manhattan we had not once even contemplated visiting the narrow strip of land in the middle of the East river.

I doubt many tourists give the island a second thought, when consumed with the decadence that New York promises. The bright lights and reputation are just too much for the average tourist. … More Secret New York – Roosevelt Island

Secret New York – The Ramble Cave

Central Park is one of the most iconic landmarks in New York, if not the world. The 800+ acre park welcomes nearly forty million visitors a year and is renowned as a must see location on any New York City visit. The vastness of the park makes it a huge attraction to explore, and take it from us a single visit is never enough time. The park itself is home to a Zoo, Pond, Skating Rink, Theatre, Reservoir and some of the most incredible views of the cityscape. … More Secret New York – The Ramble Cave

Christmas in New York

We have just returned from my ninth trip to New York City, and as previously discussed in some length the city still offers a host of new experiences. Although we had previously visited New York for New Year, we hadn’t really soaked in the Christmas spirit that is synonymous with the city over the festive period. … More Christmas in New York

Taking another bite out of the BIG apple

I am a traveler at heart and as such I have a desire to explore as many new locations as I can. There are however exceptions, special places that I like to re-visit such as the Lake District, Vancouver, Boulder, Boston, Sydney and one other location… That location is none other than the world’s most iconic city, and in a couple of weeks we will make the seven hour trip to New York City. … More Taking another bite out of the BIG apple

An Unforgettable Experience – New York for New Year

Yes its true – A Wandering Memory is returning to the Big Apple before Christmas… It got me thinking about our last December experience in the city that never sleeps… News Years Eve 2010. There are few more iconic cities to spend New Years Eve in than New York. When researching it for 2010, I … More An Unforgettable Experience – New York for New Year

The Unanswered Question in New York

From my early teens and into my 20’s I had a single dream, to live in America.

In hindsight I can see now that this dream was based on a mix of indoctrination by Hollywood films, music and TV, that’s not to forget all of the media stories and historic moments we are reminded of every day. I later discovered this feeling had a whole ethos behind it, experienced by millions around the world, commonly referred to as ‘the American dream’. … More The Unanswered Question in New York