The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

After a full day turn of St Petersburg was complete, we had a 30 minute turnaround until we were off to the ballet.

I am usually not a huge fan of the ballet or the opera, but I can appreciate the art of both of them. So deciding to go with the ballet while in Russia was a cultural experience we couldn’t miss out on. We also found out that the performance was of Swan Lake, a Ballet by famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky – this couldn’t be more appropriate. … More The Russian Ballet – St Petersburg

Undecided – St Petersburg, Russia

I’ve been struggling to write our Wandering Memories of St Petersburg for a long while.

I think it’s because we were so excited to visit, and there were elements that we really enjoyed, but also some reservations. Actually thinking about it, I think it was because although we saw a lot of it, the experience was slightly lacking as we didn’t get to really feel the true sense of the city. … More Undecided – St Petersburg, Russia