Essential Australia – The Great Ocean Road

Continuing from last years Essential Australia series, we now move onto what is to me the highlight of the state of Victoria, the Great Ocean Road.

Appropriately named the Great Ocean Road is probably Australia’s most iconic road, stretching 243 km along the south-east coast between Torquay (just below Melbourne) and Allansford … More Essential Australia – The Great Ocean Road

Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

A year is a long period of time in the word of Wanderlust.

Through a varied mix of media such as the TV, Radio, Movies the Internet and Literature, as a society we are presented with the opportunity to dream like never before. All outlets offer inspiration through the thoughts or journeys of others. Looking at it from that perspective, this range of media actually includes all of us with blogs about travel. As we have the aspiration to share and inspire others to travel, we are essentially an integral part of the Wanderlust concept. … More Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

A Christmas Treat – Dyker Heights

Christmas is coming and there is no where like New York City to find a real Wandering Memory festive experiences.
At the top of this Christmas extravaganza is the quiet suburb of Dyker Heights in far Brooklyn, a good hour away from the glitz and glamour of the city. Every year this quiet suburb comes to life with some of the most incredible, slightly outlandish Christmas light displays we have ever witnessed. … More A Christmas Treat – Dyker Heights

Forbidden Pools – Las Vegas

I have recently been blogging a lot about locations and advice. However if you have been following A Wandering Memory for a while, you will know we have a lot of stories also.

Some of our most incredible memories are captured because of the experience not necessarily the location. The experience we will share today revolves around the forbidden pools of Las Vegas. … More Forbidden Pools – Las Vegas

Explore More – Chichen Itza

Many people confuse a traveller with an explorer.

I respect both as believe that everyone is different, however for me when I travel to a new location I just can’t help but explore.

One such place that springs to mind is Mexico, I know a LOT of people who have visited the commercial centres of Cancun and Playa del Carmen and never crossed over to the likes of nearby Cozumel, Tulum, Isla Mujeres or even the famous Chichen Itza. … More Explore More – Chichen Itza

A True Differential – College Lake

We live in a beautiful part of the UK with wildlife and nature surrounding us we sometimes forget how lucky we are…

A little known spot in the small countryside town of Tring, Hertfordshire is College Lake Nature Reserve. The spot of a former chalk quarry, the reservoir has been transformed into a thriving natural reserve and eco system. It’s now home to thousands of animals of hundred of different species. … More A True Differential – College Lake

Capturing that Moment – Landscapes

Anyone who is already a follower of A Wandering Memory will know that capturing memories is what we pride ourselves on!

Whilst exploring the world, there is nothing as remarkable than experiencing a Landscape that makes your jaw drop. It’s simply amazing what a natural landscape has the power to do, captivate, inspire and even create an everlasting Wandering Memory. … More Capturing that Moment – Landscapes

Elusive Underwater

When we travel we usually conduct a lot of research before finally deciding on a place. If diving or snorkelling is involved, there’s always a part of me that gets even more excited. That is because I have a list of sea creatures I really want to see! Through a number of trips I have been lucky enough to see Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks, Groupers, stingrays, clownfish and many more. … More Elusive Underwater

The Gamble – Valletta – Malta

As I recently reached the ripe old age of thirty five, my wonderful wife decided it was time for our first break of the new year. Since we already have a week in Santorini booked, we really wanted something cheap and close for a long weekend.

I scoured the internet for weeks, trying to find something. Eventually we decided on Krakow in Poland, and upon following the booking through we found the flights were via Amsterdam and a 24 hour layover. Rubbish! So that was out of the question… … More The Gamble – Valletta – Malta