A Surprise 60th

We recently detailed the fifty nine country strong list that A Wandering Memory has had personal experiences of. Calculating the amount of countries visited is always difficult when you reach a higher number as sometimes you just can’t recall them all.

We never expected that our 60th would take us to the 28th smallest country in the world – Luxembourg. On a previous road trip we did contemplate a visit from Amsterdam but it was just a touch too far. … More A Surprise 60th

Taking another bite out of the BIG apple

I am a traveler at heart and as such I have a desire to explore as many new locations as I can. There are however exceptions, special places that I like to re-visit such as the Lake District, Vancouver, Boulder, Boston, Sydney and one other location… That location is none other than the world’s most iconic city, and in a couple of weeks we will make the seven hour trip to New York City. … More Taking another bite out of the BIG apple

A New World – Hawaii – The Big Island

Whilst researching, my Island Wanderlust jogged a Wandering Memory of our trip to Hawaii in 2013. We were very excited, as essentially in my mind it encapsulated the idyllic Pacific islands with a bit of American capitalism. Therefore we booked to visit 3 islands, Hawaii (The Big Island), Maui and Oahu. Read the Full story and review … More A New World – Hawaii – The Big Island

A Wandering Memory’s Nautical Journey – Alaska

Whilst living in Vancouver, Megan and I wanted to take every experience available to us. Therefore what is an unmissable experience from Vancouver? That would be an Alaskan cruise – Yes you heard right – Cruise! Every time I say ‘cruise’, everyone seems to think about the older generation, but why? Why do they get … More A Wandering Memory’s Nautical Journey – Alaska