Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

A year is a long period of time in the word of Wanderlust.

Through a varied mix of media such as the TV, Radio, Movies the Internet and Literature, as a society we are presented with the opportunity to dream like never before. All outlets offer inspiration through the thoughts or journeys of others. Looking at it from that perspective, this range of media actually includes all of us with blogs about travel. As we have the aspiration to share and inspire others to travel, we are essentially an integral part of the Wanderlust concept. … More Wanderlust Wishlist 2017

Essential Australia – Cape Range

To our dismay, when we lived in Australia for 12 months we never got to experience Cape Range National Park. The reason for this was that it is situated halfway between Perth and Broome on the Western Coast of Australia (1,000 km from either). It is literally in the middle of nowhere!

We rectified this recently on a campervan tour on the Western Coast, and it was the best decision ever! Cape Range fights it out with Broome as our most essential place to visit in all of Australia… So why the high praise? … More Essential Australia – Cape Range

African Horror

We have just finished watching an episode of Ross Kemp’s Extreme World – A UK TV show which looks at some of the most horrific elements of humanity and the natural world. It includes subjects from the rise of nationalism, gangs, human rights, the drug trade, violence, poverty and even the worst human atrocities. Its pretty captivating and yet sickening at the same time! … More African Horror

Where Memories are made – Whipsnade

When we returned from living in Canada we settled in a lovely country village not too far away from where we both grew up. One of the wonders of the location is that it is only a few miles from one of the UK top zoo’s.

I know what you’re thinking, a Zoo? Well Whipsnade zoo is not just any normal Zoo; it houses a huge amount of sentimental family memories and is renowned as one of the premier zoological societies in all of Europe. … More Where Memories are made – Whipsnade


Just when you think you are aware of all of Australia’s most iconic creature, you come across a new one that not many people have heard of.

The animal in question is a huge flightless bird called the Cassowary, I know what the hell is a Cassowary? It’s like nothing I have ever seen before. … More Cassowaries