Location Repurpose

As explorers at heart we rarely visit the same place more than a couple of times.

We are true believers that there is so much of the world to see and so much choice why would you continue to visit the same location.

As we have grown older this theory has come under question as we start to find new experiences and Repurpose in certain special locations. These places provide us with new Wandering Memories each and every time we visit. They adapt to our state of mind and specific purpose, they essentially continue to surprise us with wonder and awe. … More Location Repurpose

The Kingdom of Graceful

There is very little that is graceful about backpacking or travelling in general, it can be tiring, dirty and sometimes even rough. Even journeys to idyllic places such as the Maldives and Pacific islands can incorporate an air of indignity, although when you arrive you soon forget.

There are only a handful of Wandering Memories where we have witnessed pure graceful behaviour. … More The Kingdom of Graceful

Serene Untouched Ambience

Millions of us crave a beach, some of us even travel simply to experience one.
Beaches incorporate a perception of relaxation and tranquility, a human haven.

Most however are manipulated by the world’s increasing capitalistic nature and have lost some of their ambience, becoming more of a attraction than a haven.

A deserted beach is a rarity in the world we live in. … More Serene Untouched Ambience

It is named Wanderlust

Initially we were perplexed for the daily-posts photo challenge this week – Names!

At first we thought of the important people in our life and their names, then the people we met travelling, but then it hit us.. It doesn’t need to be about a persons name.

How about the name of something we hold dear to us… a possession or hold on… a feeling … More It is named Wanderlust

It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

A slightly unique photography challenge this year of It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

In the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, therefore this time of year is just the start of December… What the start of December means to us is cold, rain and wind. However what could make it all worthwhile is the faint hope of elusive snow. … More It’s Not This Time of Year Without…