Squatting in Natures backyard – Antigua

When asked about our favourite places we often sigh, as every traveller knows it’s nearly impossible to choose one place over another. Especially when each place has such a repertoire of wandering memories and experiences.

However much we hate to be asked it, there is no stopping it being asked… One place that always appears in our top 10 is the surprise package of Guatemala. Yes Guatemala! sounds like a strange one doesn’t it? I mean it’s not a location may people think of when you look at the strong competition. … More Squatting in Natures backyard – Antigua

Ometepe Island – Nicuragua

When travelling Central America, countries such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize always stand out and dominate the headlines. However it’s in countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua that really harness true surprises.

If you follow a Wandering Memory will have already heard of my love for Guatemala, however I have yet to share an experience of Nicaragua. So I thought I would start with a place of true wonder called Ometepe Island. … More Ometepe Island – Nicuragua

A Mexican Mayan Storm – Tulum

We travelled to Mexico in the late part of 2010, on an Intrepid Travel tour throughout Central America. Tulum was our second spot after leaving Playa Del Carmen. We had seen the videos and read the reviews before heading to Mexico, and as we like a bit of culture as well as a bit of nightlife and beaches we opted to stay in Playa over Cancun. In all honesty we didn’t like either of them, but Playa was by far nicer than the metropolis of Cancun. In a nut shell we weren’t upset to leave to travel the coast down to Tulum. … More A Mexican Mayan Storm – Tulum