European Adventure

In a few months, the oldest of our cousins children aka the ‘next generation’, is taking to the open road and going travelling! I am so proud!

She is heading to Europe for a number of months over the summer so I thought I would put together a few options and insights.

She is already set on the Inter-rail option; which upon further investigation is by far a better option than flying. Although flying can seem cheap with the so called ‘budget airlines’ it is inflexible and booking last minute can be expensive. … More European Adventure

What’s next for A Wandering Memory?

Anyone who has followed A Wandering Memory for a while will know that last year we discovered the wonder that is Croatia. It really did inspire us so much we are planning returning as soon as we are able. Luckily Croatia is only a couple of hours flight away from us, very driveable (although a long drive) and maybe the second european outing for our son. … More What’s next for A Wandering Memory?

Sublime Clarity – The Top of Europe

As many of you will already know, we at A Wandering Memory love a good adventure. So, whilst on a recent break to Switzerland (in the summer), the concept of catching a train up one of Europe’s highest mountains was just too enticing.

The train in question is the Jungfraujoch Railway which transports passengers up a number of passes and concludes next to the summit of Jungfrau Mountain 3,454ft. up in the Alps. … More Sublime Clarity – The Top of Europe

A Surprise 60th

We recently detailed the fifty nine country strong list that A Wandering Memory has had personal experiences of. Calculating the amount of countries visited is always difficult when you reach a higher number as sometimes you just can’t recall them all.

We never expected that our 60th would take us to the 28th smallest country in the world – Luxembourg. On a previous road trip we did contemplate a visit from Amsterdam but it was just a touch too far. … More A Surprise 60th

Tranquil but Inspiring – Supetar, Croatia

We are self confessed experience junkies and as such we love exploring when on holiday. The only downside to that is that we get so excited about exploring we sometimes forget to stop for a few days and relax. As such we decided that our next trip we would find some time to do exactly that – sit back and relax.

Therefore we booked seven nights on the sleepy island of Brac in Croatia, hoping to get the balance we needed. … More Tranquil but Inspiring – Supetar, Croatia

The Gamble – Valletta – Malta

As I recently reached the ripe old age of thirty five, my wonderful wife decided it was time for our first break of the new year. Since we already have a week in Santorini booked, we really wanted something cheap and close for a long weekend.

I scoured the internet for weeks, trying to find something. Eventually we decided on Krakow in Poland, and upon following the booking through we found the flights were via Amsterdam and a 24 hour layover. Rubbish! So that was out of the question… … More The Gamble – Valletta – Malta

A Wanderers Paradise – Venice

As presents go, I had to go big for Megans 30th birthday, so I got her a long weekend away in Venice. She has always wanted to go, however I have been less enthusiastic as its never really appealed to me. I put it down to growing up with a very patriotic Italian! Anyhow I always like to explore new places, and gain new experiences so a part of me was excited.
As always, Megan was right, Venice is AMAZING! … More A Wanderers Paradise – Venice