Essential UK – Part One

We step away from the Essential Australia series for a moment and move back to our home in the UK. This is mainly inspired by a fellow blogger Samantha who is currently living in London, having moved from Canada. That in conjunction with the current world climate, including Brexit and the delight that is President Trump, I want you all to know that the UK is still a magnificent country full of wonder and bliss – an adventure like no other which is simply waiting for you.

Here are some of the essential elements to the beautiful, eclectic British Isles. … More Essential UK – Part One

Where Memories are made – Whipsnade

When we returned from living in Canada we settled in a lovely country village not too far away from where we both grew up. One of the wonders of the location is that it is only a few miles from one of the UK top zoo’s.

I know what you’re thinking, a Zoo? Well Whipsnade zoo is not just any normal Zoo; it houses a huge amount of sentimental family memories and is renowned as one of the premier zoological societies in all of Europe. … More Where Memories are made – Whipsnade

London Tips – An iconic walk

A friend of ours from Canada is coming over to London in the next couple of weeks and I wanted to give her some new ideas of what to do for her visit. So I will be blogging about a few of our favourite activities in and around teh London area over the next few weeks.

Every knows the highlights of London, those iconic locations and buildings that are just unmissable for any trip… However many people just don’t realise that many of the big historic landmarks are actually with short walking distance from one another. … More London Tips – An iconic walk

The UK is still…

In the midst of the political upheaval currently dominating the media and sweeping over the UK, I wanted to try to remind the world that the UK is still a wondrous country full of culture, beauty and history.

Brexit is now a reality. That is a fact, and the ‘remain’ uk voters along with the whole world will hopefully accept it in the near future. Although the UK is swimming in unchartered waters don’t let this put you off this beautiful collection of countries … More The UK is still…

A True Differential – College Lake

We live in a beautiful part of the UK with wildlife and nature surrounding us we sometimes forget how lucky we are…

A little known spot in the small countryside town of Tring, Hertfordshire is College Lake Nature Reserve. The spot of a former chalk quarry, the reservoir has been transformed into a thriving natural reserve and eco system. It’s now home to thousands of animals of hundred of different species. … More A True Differential – College Lake