A True Differential – College Lake

We live in a beautiful part of the UK with wildlife and nature surrounding us, and as such we sometimes forget how lucky we are…

A little known spot in the small countryside town of Tring, Hertfordshire is College Lake Nature Reserve. The location of a former chalk quarry, the reservoir has been transformed into a thriving natural reserve and ecosystem. It’s now home to thousands of different species.



Even if you are not an animal lover, the panoramic walk alone is worth the trip, with the reservoir providing the focal point to the backdrop of the Chilten Hills and acres of natural farmland. Its an incredible humbling experience…

The walk around the reservoir takes around an hour, but can be elongated depending on the route or speed. Different seasons bring a host of highlights from wild daffodils & bluebells to migrating birds.

Our most recent trip was during winter where the pathways were swamped with flood water, but that didn’t stop us! It simply added to the beauty of the location. The cold winter air, emptiness and stillness of College Lake at that time of year was intoxicating. The water was incredibly still and gave me hundreds of sublime photo opportunities. We were the only ones there and we were at peace with the natural habitat.


If you ever visit the UK shores and appreciate a differential choice in location for a change – come up to Tring, it’s a perfect quaint English town just 40 minutes outside of London – and houses some amazing scenery – College Lake included.

13 thoughts on “A True Differential – College Lake

      1. Ah cool I think the picture of the hummingbird is my best ever shot of birds… Or maybe the Penguins in South Africa. Ha! I am glad you enjoyed the rural birds of the U.K.!


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