European Wanderlust Wishlist

Since I have previously shared my global top 20 Wanderlust wishlist, however as we have been travelling Europe a lot this year I thought I would share my Wanderlust European Top 10 Wishlist.

Isle of Skye – Scotland. 

Yes, it’s a complete mystery as to why we haven’t already visited, as it’s actually part of the united kingdom. But in my defense it’s also a good eight-hour drive north from where we currently reside. A colleague has family located there, and when she returns from a trip she radiates with calm and fills me with stories of its beauty and tranquility – what incredible Wanderlust! On top of that imagery from the Isle is magnificent, actually I would use the word captivating… Its remote, quiet and full of wildlife – whats not to lust about?

8723637669_b18f234854_bphoto credit: The Old Man of Storr, Isle Of Skye via photopin (license)


The reports we get from friends that have visited are nothing short of stunning. Housing a mix of cultural, historical and natural beauty, locations such as Split, Zagrab and Rijeka are fast becoming the next ‘BIG thing’ for European holidays. It not only encompasses amazing villas on cliffs overlooking stunning golden beaches, but is home to native wildlife such as Bears, Wolves and even the occasional Lynx! The country has fought its way through a very troubled past and now deserves the recognition as one of Europe’s ‘go to’ summer destinations.

9920179_3c09becbda_bphoto credit: Panoramic view from the top of the camponile via photopin (license)


Even after a fleeting visit to the capital Stockholm, we were intoxicated with the beauty of this country. The city was stunning, and it really drew us in to its culture, colors and lifestyle. The people were extremely friendly, always looking at ways to help or be of assistance if required. The archipelago was also magical, with hundreds of islands scattered around the Baltic. What we have a real desire to next experience is Swedish Lapland… I mean snow, real snow, Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, the Northern Lights and maybe even Santa!  I could go on and on!!!


The Greek Islands 

I have visited a number of these islands in my youth and honestly didn’t think to much of them. I mean they were ok, but that’s the unappreciative nature of being very young. My main desire is to revisit some of these now I have the appreciation of life and travel. A number of blogs recently have shown me the beauty of Mykos and Santorini, which just look incredible. These options are said to compete with the likes of the Caribbean and even some Pacific Islands. Both of these would encapsulate new Wandering memories and just look incredible. Greece at the moment is cheap and offers unparalleled beauty of the Mediterranean summers.

6324482586_40524d3f85_bphoto credit: Santorini Greece via photopin (license)


The Spanish Island of Lanzarote is a very much a touristy location, however it’s appealed to me since I was six, when a school friend returned and told me stories of the volcano and lava fields. This Island, which is located just off the coast of West Africa, also contains beautiful beaches of black and golden sand and a very pleasant climate. In all honesty it only makes the top ten due to the realisation that dream from a such an early age.

16166092497_82f9b0329a_bphoto credit: Garden fire via photopin (license)


Currently a very troubled country, suffering from a conflict with its eastern larger neighbour Russia, some parts of the country are simply inaccessible. With an increasing wave of Nationalism flowing through the country, it remains to be seen it will stabilize itself to tourists again. However a blogger friend of mine, Oxie has just completed a mission there with her church and I am extremely excited to hear more of her experience. Kiev, once a renowned jewel of Europe, was a city I have always dreamed of, and I hope one day have the confidence to visit. This huge country also appeals to me for its wilderness and wildlife, offering unparalleled sanctuary to native wildlife and beautiful landscapes. I also have a desire to see what I can of the wasteland of Chernobyl, the location of the worlds worst nuclear disaster. Again I agree that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but how fascinating would it be?

8100425572_7209b87706_bphoto credit: Pripyat via photopin (license)

Auchwitz – Poland

Having studied history at school and specialising in modern European history, I have always felt that to really have a sense of an event/place you need to see it for yourself. Nothing can be more true than the horrific stories of the Nazi concentration camp at Auchwitz, where millions of people met their death. We have visited Hiroshima in Japan, and a number of places that have witnessed human atrocities over the years, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, South Africa, Russia, Germany etc… and the experience is nothing short of haunting. I feel that Auchwitz would again present that haunting feeling but also be incredibly humbling. This again is a location many would avoid, however to me having studied it, I feel it would be a historical experience.

1424760830_60b376f8b1_bphoto credit: Auschwitz 2 via photopin (license)

The Swiss Alps

It may be the one of the most expensive locations to ski in the world, but it’s also suppose to be one of the most best and picturesque I love being able to ski in real deep powder and witness the beauty of the mountains. Exploring these on foot or skis, stumbling across the occasional wood cabin for a beer is just unmissable. Even in the warmer summer months, the raw glory of this mountainous paradise would be overwhelming. The cities of Zurich and Geneva are also among the most expensive in the world but again with expense comes class! I’d need some more funding to appreciate these cities properly but who knows one day…

6088938225_71ba494842_bphoto credit: Grütlisee_DSC_2036 via photopin (license)

The Norwegian Fjords

The Fjords are renowned as Europe’s most beautiful cruise, with over one thousand islands and inlets making up this majestic paradise. From snow-capped mountains, remote fishing villages, glaciers and tranquil lagoons, the fjords just scream wilderness, and we all know wilderness and a Wandering Memory go hand in hand! A huge must…

16868427328_650e8c2705_bphoto credit: Sandane via photopin (license)

Last but definitely not least is Greenland

I am so jealous that fellow blogger wwellend has recently visited, it’s one of the worlds last true Wilderness. There are no real cities, just a number of small settlements that look like nothing short of old world small fishing settlements. The majority of the country is covered in glaciers, forests, mountains, icecaps and just simplistic rustic beauty. Greenland is unparalleled with its collection of wildlife including Whales, Husky’s, Reindeer, Buffalo, Seals, Arctic Foxes and the most iconic of them all, Polar Bears! I doubt many can be witnessed by the average short visit, but just the possibility is worth the trip alone. Greenland may well be the top of my list for true wilderness beauty – just think of the memories! I am salivating just thinking about it…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA photo credit wwellend

photo credit wwellend – check out her blog for more information

So that is the conclusion of my top 10 for the moment, I am sure they will move around in the near future. Other notable places such as Monaco, Romania and Hungary all feature in my Wanderlusting…

What’s on your list? I’d love to know.


18 thoughts on “European Wanderlust Wishlist

  1. I am leaving Europe for my older age when I won’t be able to travel on the long haul flights. I am eyeing South America at the moment. Thinking of spending around two months, starting from the south and travel north until I have a money.


      1. If you decide to Visit Croatia, make a circle and visit all the countries of ex Yu. Start from Slovenia, cross to Croatia, do few day trips to Sarajevo and Mostar, continue to Boka Kotorska (Montenegro) and then by train to Belgrade. It wont cost much and it would be very interesting to spot the difference between countries, if any.


  2. That’s a great list. Pretty much all of them are on my list too, although not necessarily in that order. How could you narrow it down to only ten? That must have been hard! I think I would struggle… I am not sure that even TOP 100 would suffice 😀

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  3. My fiancé and I spent a week in Switzerland this year. I agree, it is very expensive!! However a cheaper way of seeing the Swiss Alps would be a driving and camping holiday – that’s what we did and it was fab! You should try it 🙂

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    1. We campervanned through Western Australia last year and New Zealand a few years prior and loved it. We also did a months around Southern Africa in a tent that my wife hated… She’s not a tent person.. I loved it though… Sacrifice we make for love! Ha…


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