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What exactly is Inspiration? I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently.

The dictionary always refers to the verb ‘inspire’ which then refers to a collection of words such as:

Fulfill, influence, arouse, affect, animate or even impel!

I mean come on… that doesn’t help at all!

I work in a company with a tagline ‘Inspiring people’, have a computer program called ‘Inspire’ and well it seems to be following me around recently. You know like something that plagues on your mind, I just seem to be seeing the word everywhere. I have been reading and following many of your blogs/ posts and seeing images that could be classed as ‘inspirational’. But for the life of me I don’t feel that I feel inspired. I thought that understanding the word would help, but it confuses me more.

So what gives me inspiration, what actually inspires me?

Thinking about that – It’s easy…

  • My wife, our family & friends,
  • Our experiences together,
  • Our travels,
  • The escapism presented by the cinema,
  • Our dreams and aspirations,
  • Bettering oneself (fitness and challenge)

And I’ve suddenly realised that writing also inspires me, I suppose that’s why I enjoy blogging so much.

Writing this post, I have suddenly started to feel better, I mean it’s clarified my thoughts, it’s shown me that I have a lot of inspiration in my life, and although certain things are not inspiring… I am overall inspired.

Hows your inspiration today? 

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27 thoughts on “Inspiration – A Wandering Mind

  1. Inspire: breathe in (air); inhale.

    Yoga has some interesting things to say about that word.

    Keep writing Dave, you’re a talented story teller. Your tales are inspiring me to do more travel and embark on adventure.


  2. We drove up a mountain today – and truly….seeing the beauty around me and breathing the forest in – filled me with different feelings of inspiration….i think my mind cleared being way up there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspirations. : )

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    1. Foodie – I agree – I am so inspired by nature and the beauty therein. There is a Wordsworth poem that has a line “when from my better self I have wandered..” When I begin to feel that way – nature inspires.

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  3. The thing about inspiration is, you don’t know when it kicks in. A small silly example- I’ve had a very laid back day today but I opened my cupboard an hour back looking for something and instead found my running tracks. so I’ve been feeling inspired to go out for a run since then. Just waiting for the rain to stop.


  4. I agree inspiration comes from many places – but I too find reading your blog and others, seeing beautiful photographs of places I dream to go to – those inspire me the most. Creativity is a bewitching mistress.


  5. Mmmm good question, difficult answer! I guess I get two kinds of inspiration: one to be creative (photography, writing), from places; and another one to dream (of things I never thought before), from people.
    Thanks for making us think 🙂


  6. Hi there. 🙂
    I told you I’d pop over!!!!
    Loved reading this post. I have another take on inspiration. You see I can feel and be inspired by the things I do and things that others do but the challenge for me – is to not get caught up being inspired by something that is not right for me and that is taking discernment.
    Our lists seem very similar.


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