Chasing Dreams

Inspiration is a funny thing… you truly never know when it will strike!

My latest moment of inspiration occurred on my daily commute home, at the end of a challenging week. I had already debated if I should be leaving on time, but as I left the office I realised my mind was still racing. I went through the motions, started the car, drove to the outskirts of town… and realised I was in robot mode… the car was silent, my mind was elsewhere – so I turned on the radio for some light relief.

There it was, the classic nineties rap song Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio…

Memories flooded into my mind, memories of my youth, good memories of times long since passed… before I knew it I was singing along at the top of my lungs (yes even now I still remember most of the words).

One verse resonated with me…

‘too much television watching got me chasing dreams’… 

I suddenly realised I’ve not only chased my dreams, I’ve lived them and continue to live them even today…

  • My dream when I was a kid was to have a gorgeous wife and family – Check!
  • My dream in my teens was to travel and explore the USA – Check!
  • My dream on my 20’s was to explore the world – Check!
  • My dream now is to be able to provide my for my family and help my son grow into a good man.

In that very moment, I forgot how hard the week had been, smiled and continued home to my family…

My advice always chase your dreams

If you really want something, go get it!

Heres to inspiration – Heres to dreams.

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16 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams

  1. I loved this post! This happens every so often to me as well and I always feel better when it does. I am trying to be more mindful and create this when I need it (like the end of a bad week or day!). Thanks for sharing💕

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    1. Hi dtills. It was a random moment but one o had to smile at… the idea of dreams and inspiration had kept me going all day. So glad you liked it – feel free to share. It makes me very happy to read that people relate

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  2. Beautiful sentiments and heart felt, keep chasing you never know what is round the corner, thanks for making a not too good day better. Thanks

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  3. I am in the process of setting up a blog of my own, and part of the process was to check out follow other bloggers. I must say my choice to follow you was truly a blessing. I enjoy your posts very much. Always gives me something to think about. Keep them coming!

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    1. I am so happy to hear this it’s actually made my day. Feel free to ask any questions – I’ve been on a year break as become a father. But am slowly trying to blog more and re engage with the audience that have been so good to me. What’s your blog about?


  4. It is called A View from the Bumpy Road. It is similar to your’s as that i am hoping to be able to share inspirations from my life experience. My journey has taken many turns and some more bumpy than others!! I work hard to stay on the faith pathway, but I can always tell when I take the wrong fork!!😋 I am hoping that I can monetize my site, as I am retired and could use some spare income. Is your site monetized? Thank you for offering your assistance…I hope I don’t wear out my welcome! Please let me know if I go overboard.

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    1. Hi Miriam. Thank you – I need to write more of these inspiration pieces I think… I get so many throughout the day but by the time I find the time they all disappear 🤷‍♂️. Yes we are both very lucky arnt we… how are you guys?

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      1. I know what you mean. I try and carry a notepad/phone wherever I go so I can jot down my musings.
        We’re well thanks David. Camping at the Otway at the moment which is just beautiful. Yes, we’re both blessed indeed. 😊

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      2. You are always off on an adventure. But saying that everyday is an adventure here currently even though I’m just at home. Heading north in a couple of weeks for a week off with the whole family – could be interesting

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