The Importance of Home

Home – Home is somewhere special.

It’s a place you don’t really consider as your favourite, because you live there.

It’s a place you don’t always appreciate, because you spend all your time there.

It’s a place you wouldn’t consider to blog about, because it’s not travel, it’s not interesting; it’s not an adventure…

Well that is a trap I don’t want to fall into, as home provides a huge amount of comfort, security, warmth, consistency, love and most importantly memories… With that in mind here is my blog on Edlesborough, a place I called home for nearly 20 years.

Edlesborough is a small country village in Buckinghamshire England, thirty five miles from London with a fewer than 4,000 inhabitants. It’s surrounded by lush green pastures, working farm fields and the beautiful Chiltern Hills. It’s not somewhere I expect you have ever heard of, as why would you have? It has very few claims to fame, and internationally it’s probably as relevant as a Hitchita Oklahoma!


We moved to Edlesborough when I was eight years old, both mum and dad commuted to nearby cities for work, and my sister and I went to the local schools.  I spent the next fifteen years of my life complaining about the village, I mean it was ‘in the middle of nowhere’; it was ‘boring’, nothing ever happened! Ha… how much of an emotional teenager do I sound? But I vividly remember having those thoughts. My options were limited; I could either catch the hourly bus to a neighboring town or pretty much cycle. All of this was just so much effort, and even when I was older, getting to local pubs and clubs meant significant effort and planning. I just wanted to leave it and then one day I did… I traveled the world for a year, living in Australia and having countless adventures in Asia, Oceania, the Pacific Islands and North America… Many of these adventures are included within this blog.

I returned and it suddenly stuck me, Edlesborough is beautiful. It hadn’t changed in my absence, not one bit but it suddenly I realised what I had been missing for those years. Edlesborough is extremely picturesque; with a beautiful thirteenth century church its focal point, still standing proud on the small mound. The village has a central park area, small rustic primary school, a single restaurant, a small line of local shops, a beautiful hidden lake/connecting streams and hundreds upon hundreds of fields which contain beautiful walking areas.







I suddenly realised that Edlesborough was a great place to bring up a family, with everything you could possibly want within walking distance.  WOW it all makes sense, that’s why we moved here all these years ago… In essence it had everything I now wanted. Funny, how that happens…

What also suddenly occurred to me was that Edlesborough had become an integral part of me, a real home. It was where an incredible amount of iconic stories and Wandering Memories happened, not just for me, but my family and friends. It was a focal part of my life…

I had my first kiss here, I had my first house party here, I had my first drink here, I learnt to drive here, I graduated here, I opened my first paycheck here, I witnessed world changing events here, I cried here, I fell in love here, I learnt the meaning of family here, I grew up here, I imagined, dreamt and became me here. What a powerful realization…

So my advice… really take a look around, the place you call home – is it really that bad? It will be location of a lot of Wandering Memories in the future.

As for Edlesborough, why not see for yourself? We have bought a number of visitors from Europe, Australia, Canada and USA there, and honestly if you want to see a real countryside English village this is the place for you! Thank you Mum and Dad for knowing what was the best for me before I did…


21 thoughts on “The Importance of Home

  1. Lovely thoughts and so true. I think sometimes we overlook the cities we live in. I always liked Bristol but since travelling when I go back I notice things more, take in my surroundings. Great blog, thank you.

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    1. I live in Bristol (IK) now and must say that I don’t rate it as anything special – but perhaps, as you say, its only by moving away that better feelings come. I grew up in Weston-Super-Mare and, although that has changed out of all recognition over the years, it still has a warmer place in my heart. Adrian


      1. I’d like to join your blog, but I’m already following so many that they’re more than I can keep up with. I lived abroad too, but returned to Bristol, where I don’t have many roots. But I like your photos, they put over your love for your home very well. Adrian


  2. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.” Beautiful photos – – I’m going to bookmark this one! I’d love to see the village one day. Was the long structure a tithe barn? I saw something similar in Belgium and that’s what it was.


  3. makes me miss home! its true. you never quite realize what you have until you leave it behind. But once you return again, you dont dare to ever take it for granted! Very beautiful town!


  4. Beautiful! I live in Surrey and love it, love the countryside. I lived in the Surrey and Sussex area for 16 years and I made it my home. I love travelling, but I also love coming home, going for walks and long drives and exploring where I live.

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