A British Tradition

The UK is going through a bit of a heat wave with temperatures peaking at 34 degrees centigrade. I know for some of you around the world that’s not that hot, but for us Brits it is…

And as is standard, everyone is complaining about the weather – its sortof a British tradition. It’s either too hot or too cold or too rainy, too cloudy, too bright – I think you get the picture.

We’ve always loved the sunshine, but in all honesty the last couple of nights have been a little uncomfortable with no air conditioning. It feels as if we are sitting on a Spanish beach.

However we have experienced much worse – our hottest was in Western Australia whilst sleeping in a camper van. On the route from Monkey Mia to Cape Range we experienced true heat.

46 degrees centigrade! Upon exiting the van for fuel it was like walking into an oven, you could literally feel our skin burning. We’ve got no idea how people live in it!


This was not the only place we have experienced heat, but nothing as high as that day…

Dubai 40 degrees


Death Valley Nevada 38 degrees


The Namib Desert 34 degrees


Darwin, Singapore, Coober Pedy, Saigon and Utah all also ring bells of HOT temperatures, but you know what they are some of the best memories…

Here’s to a long hot (but not too hot) summer.

Where are the hottest places you have ever visited?

12 thoughts on “A British Tradition

  1. I had to occasionally go to Death Valley for work, usually in the summer because the hotel rates in the winter exceed the allowed government per diem. On one trip it was between 112F/118F, which is 44+ Celcius. I was terrified my rental car would overheat as I drove up and out of the valley into California. But it was dry heat as they say. Right!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Ah yes we were too on our trip as there is nothing there and no shade at all! It’s remarkable what a car can sustain. Dry heat is usually better than humidity. Singapore humidity was just incredible I couldn’t walk down the street without needing a shower.

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      1. You are so right about Singapore. I lived there for 9 months and the humidity just about did me in. I hated not being able to ever open the windows.

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