Essential Australia – Sydney

Continuing on the Essential Australia Series we move onto the city I personally have had the privilege of calling home on numerous occasions, Sydney.

As Australia’s most iconic city, Sydney’s reputation is well established and very well deserved. There are a huge amount of highlights and essential experiences offered available to even the newest traveller, and it is this, alongside a quasi-idyllic lifestyle that Sydney one of the Wanderlust capitals of the travelling community. … More Essential Australia – Sydney

Uncle – Ajahn Brahm

In a recent interview I was asked a compelling question

‘Tell me a non-work related fact that I couldn’t find out about you from your LinkedIn profile’

The floodgates could have opened here, however I had to compose myself and think of one of my more interesting facts.

‘My uncle is a the Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia’

Well that a conversation starter if ever I heard one – I assume I have your attention. … More Uncle – Ajahn Brahm

Essential Australia – The Great Ocean Road

Continuing from last years Essential Australia series, we now move onto what is to me the highlight of the state of Victoria, the Great Ocean Road.

Appropriately named the Great Ocean Road is probably Australia’s most iconic road, stretching 243 km along the south-east coast between Torquay (just below Melbourne) and Allansford … More Essential Australia – The Great Ocean Road

Essential Australia – Cape Range

To our dismay, when we lived in Australia for 12 months we never got to experience Cape Range National Park. The reason for this was that it is situated halfway between Perth and Broome on the Western Coast of Australia (1,000 km from either). It is literally in the middle of nowhere!

We rectified this recently on a campervan tour on the Western Coast, and it was the best decision ever! Cape Range fights it out with Broome as our most essential place to visit in all of Australia… So why the high praise? … More Essential Australia – Cape Range

Oz Experience Bus – Revealed

We have been fielding questions recently about the Oz Experience bus tours that operate in Australia. As detailed in our recent tour company blog post, I used this service twice when I was a little younger, one to travel from Sydney to Cairns and the other from Sydney to Darwin via Melbourne. All tour companies have their positives and negatives, and this company has had a lot of press for being a party bus or aka ‘f**k bus’ (not my words). … More Oz Experience Bus – Revealed